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Bohnam’s Set’s New World Record For Most Expensive Doll Sold at Auction

This year has been an exciting year for antique doll collectors, with the first dolls ever to break the $300,000 price barrier at auctions. In fact, a new world’s record was just set for the most expensive doll ever sold at auction, … Continue reading

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Kestner 1880s All-Bisque Doll: Poetry in Miniature

Generally speaking, when it comes to antique dolls, I collect the French ones. But, there are a few exceptions. I have a real love of antique miniature, all-bisque and dollhouse dolls, and overall, I prefer the German all-bisque dolls to the French ones. … Continue reading

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Sample Card from Hertwig Bisque Doll Factory : A History Lesson for Early 20th Century Bisque Dolls

Thanks to a Theriault’s special auction in early 2001, we have a great record of the factory sample cards for small German all-bisque dolls from the Hertwig factory from the 1890s to the 1930s. For doll collectors and historians, it is a … Continue reading

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Doll of the Day: German Wax-over Paper Mache Bonnet Doll

I attended the Theriault’s Kaleidoscope auction in Las Vegas last weekend. The auction highlighted the collections of two collectors,  Helen Welsh and Evelyn Heidepriem.  I especially enjoyed the dolls at this auction because many of them had a little twist, or were a … Continue reading

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