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New Fashionistas Barbies Come With New Body Types and Lots of Unwarranted Hype

About a week ago, my Social Media lit up with tons of news reports about the new Barbie dolls with the new body types–curvy, petite and tall. At first I was intrigued–I figured that perhaps Barbie was finally getting some … Continue reading

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Legendary Barbie Designer Carol Spencer Makes Dinner Dazzle at UFDC Event

I didn’t register for the UFDC convention until fairly recently, so when I arrived in Kansas City I had no special events on my schedule. So on Wednesday I stood on a line to get tickets to available events. I was happy … Continue reading

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Fashion Queen Barbie: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The Fashion Queen Barbie doll, produced from 1963 to 1965, really is all about glamour. In 1963, Barbie was still relatively new, and nearly all the Barbie dolls on the market were either Ponytail Barbie dolls or Bubblecut Barbie dolls. And then came the very … Continue reading

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Color Magic Barbie: A Truly Groovy Mid-60s Barbie, With Hair You Can Color Too!

For me, one of the most iconic Mid-60s Vintage Barbie Dolls is the Color Magic Barbie.  She has bright and groovy colors and long hair, very unlike the older-looking and more prim and proper Ponytail and Bubblecut Barbies that came before her.  Additionally, you … Continue reading

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