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Theriaults Dollmastery Seminar – An Opportunity To Learn About Rare Antique Dolls

One of the fun things I got to do at the recent Theriault’s weekend in Naples, Florida was go to a Dollmastery Seminar given by doll expert Florence Theriault. This all-day seminar gave participants a chance to get up close … Continue reading

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Random Musings on Dolls, Antiques, And Old Fashioned Things

I’m not sure if I’m in a contemplative mood because I am spending a cold, drizzly day in an old-fashioned New England inn, or because it is Easter weekend, or because I am seeing an old-fashioned Tennessee Williams play tonight. … Continue reading

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Kewpie Dolls Do So Much More Than Stand At Attention: Action Kewpies

One of the many dolls I recently purchased at the Theriault’s Auction weekend in Naples, Florida, was this little action Kewpie doll. He is playing the mandolin and also leaning against some books, all created in bisque.  He was in … Continue reading

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Stuck Behind Your Computer Screen 24/7? Go to A Live Doll Event

I think many doll collectors in the 21st Century are content to sit behind their computer screens and buy and sell dolls on eBay and Ruby Lane, perhaps taking part in Facebook or other social media doll groups. If they … Continue reading

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New Fashionistas Barbies Come With New Body Types and Lots of Unwarranted Hype

About a week ago, my Social Media lit up with tons of news reports about the new Barbie dolls with the new body types–curvy, petite and tall. At first I was intrigued–I figured that perhaps Barbie was finally getting some … Continue reading

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A Rare Kneeling All-Bisque Doll by Kestner Shows Off Her Beautiful Modeling

As many of you know, I have a collection of antique all-bisque dolls. One of my favorite things about antique all-bisque dolls is the truly vast variety of types. When I was transitioning from collecting only modern miniatures and miniature … Continue reading

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Happy 2016! My Smiling Bru French Fashion and I Are Off To a Wonderful Start, Including the January Theriault’s Auction

Happy 2016! I realize I was silent for the last half of 2016, but life didn’t work out as planned; indeed, sometimes life gets in the way of art. I started the doll part of my year off at the Theriault’s annual Newport … Continue reading

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Ode to Salesroom Doll Dealers at the UFDC Convention

Doll dealers who sell at the UFDC National Convention really don’t get enough credit. I was a dealer only once at Convention, in 2011, and it was exhausting work.  First of all, you have to transport–often by several thousand miles–dozens … Continue reading

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Tiny Dolls Take Center Stage at the UFDC “Small Dolls, Big Dreams” Special Exhibit

One of the highlights at every UFDC convention is the Special Exhibits. These exhibits highlight certain dolls in-depth and in style. There were four Special Exhibits this year, and I’ll highlight each of them in my UFDC Convention coverage. The first … Continue reading

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Legendary Barbie Designer Carol Spencer Makes Dinner Dazzle at UFDC Event

I didn’t register for the UFDC convention until fairly recently, so when I arrived in Kansas City I had no special events on my schedule. So on Wednesday I stood on a line to get tickets to available events. I was happy … Continue reading

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