Doll of the Day: German Wax-over Paper Mache Bonnet Doll

waxoverpaperwithhatI attended the Theriault’s Kaleidoscope auction in Las Vegas last weekend. The auction highlighted the collections of two collectors,  Helen Welsh and Evelyn Heidepriem.  I especially enjoyed the dolls at this auction because many of them had a little twist, or were a little different from the norm.

This doll is no exception. I’ve always had a soft spot for wax-over paper mache German dolls, and I especially noticed this little doll because not only was she wax-0ver paper mache, but she had a fabulous paper mache attached hat that matched her boots!  With glass eyes and a darling little antique costume, this girl had attitude, and she definitely needed to come home with me!  She is circa 1880, and these little wax-over dolls are so often really beat up, it was wonderful to find one in this condition.  By the way, am I the only one who is constantly surprised at the age of antique dolls? This doll is approximately 134 years old!

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