Fashion Queen Barbie: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Fashion Queen Barbie

Fashion Queen Barbie Doll c. 1963

The Fashion Queen Barbie doll, produced from 1963 to 1965, really is all about glamour. In 1963, Barbie was still relatively new, and nearly all the Barbie dolls on the market were either Ponytail Barbie dolls or Bubblecut Barbie dolls. And then came the very different and very fashionable Fashion Queen Barbie doll.

Fashion Queen Barbie had molded hair with a blue band (the less-popular Miss Barbie doll which also had molded hair–and sleep eyes–was released right about the same time). Fashion Queen Barbie not only had molded hair–she was sold with three wigs (and a stand). As shown, she was sold with a white and metallic gold swimsuit and matching turban (the turban is uncommon to find).

This doll is hard to find never removed from her original box, and is valued at approximately $500 to $700 in that condition. Without the box, but mint in her original bathing suit and turban, the doll is valued at approximately $200. As usual with Vintage Barbie dolls, less for played with dolls, and more for high-color dolls. Also, more for dolls with all three mint wigs. When purchasing, watch for melt marks in the molded hair caused by wigs staying on the dolls too long.

The doll did not come with the white Vintage Barbie glasses with glitter–I added those, because Fashion Queen Barbie doll, to me, always looks ready to lounge by her pool. Definitely a mid-60s doll ready to live the good life!



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