Dance of the Lady Doll by Tonner Dolls

Tonner Dance of the Lady Doll

Dance of the Lady Doll by Tonner Dolls

I am going to be blogging about a different doll every day from Monday through Friday. That said, I am not going to title each blog “Doll of the Day” since that will make it hard to find blogs over time, as well as being monotonous.  Each doll will simply be presented with a photo, information and some discussion.  Each blog will then be placed in an appropriate category, so eventually you can look at a category like “Celluloid Dolls” or “French Antique Dolls” or “Vintage Barbie Dolls” and look at all the dolls in one category. Although I will do my best to blog every day, when traveling I may not be able to do so.

I thought that we shouldn’t simply discuss new blog housekeeping matters without also enjoying a beautiful doll. The doll pictured is the Dance of the Lady Doll by Tonner Dolls. The New York City Ballet doll series from Tonner is one of my favorites. This particular doll is from George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker. The doll was produced in 2008 and had an initial retail of $139.99 and a limited edition of 1,000 dolls. She has a Emile head sculpt and the ballerina “en pointe” foot.  For those not familiar with Tonner Dolls, these dolls are fully articulated, made of hard vinyl and stand about 16″ tall.  Tonner Dolls are one of my favorite Modern Dolls thanks to the beautiful design and costuming.

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