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Why Does The Media Insist on Calling Porcelain Dolls Creepy?

So, evidently some little old lady in Talega, California, left some porcelain dolls on porches¬†as gifts for little girls in her area. This created a media firestorm all the way to the United Kingdom.¬† “Mystery ‘do-gooder’ causes panic by leaving … Continue reading

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Nancy Wiley’s Alice in Wonderland – Dolls and Book Work Together as Art

Although I mostly collect vintage and antique dolls, I have a small collection of modern Alice in Wonderland dolls which started when my daughter portrayed Alice in a local production of Alice in Wonderland. One of my favorite dolls from … Continue reading

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Dance of the Lady Doll by Tonner Dolls

I am going to be blogging about a different doll every day from Monday through Friday. That said, I am not going to title each blog “Doll of the Day” since that will make it hard to find blogs over … Continue reading

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