UFDC Annual Convention: Off To An Energetic Start

Liddle Kiddles from the 1960s in the UFDC Doll Museum

Liddle Kiddles from the 1960s in the UFDC Doll Museum

At the 66th annual United Federation of Doll Clubs National Convention in Kansas City I have had no trouble staying busy. In fact, the exact opposite has been true. The “A Dream Come True convention officially began yesterday, and I have spent the last two days in a whirlwind of seminars, tours, meetings, exhibits, salesroom openings, and much more.

This entire week UFDC convention attendees have been able to visit, for free, the revamped UFDC doll museum at the national headquarters, as well as the remodeled (and not yet open to the public) National Toy and Miniature Museum. I went to both yesterday morning. The UFDC has a wonderful collection of dolls of many eras, and they have done a great job with expanding the museum. Nearly all the dolls in the museum have been donated by UFDC members. I especially loved that not only do they have the dolls displayed, but below the display cases there are drawers you can open up to see additional doll accessories, clothing and other details for many of the dolls.

The National Toy and Miniature Museum has been closed for the last 18 months to undergo a large renovation project, and I think that the results of the renovation are spectacular. The museum houses a magnificent collection of scale dollhouses and miniatures, both antique and modern, as well as toys and dolls also antique and modern. I have been a collector of miniatures for many years, and this museum has some of the most detailed and exquisite miniatures I have ever seen. Unfortunately I could not bring you any photos from this museum because of the renovation; they reopen to the public on August 1st.

OK, I have to run, I’m off to the Dinner Dazzle Barbie doll dinner! I’ve got so much more to report so stay tuned!


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