Prices Continue High at Shirley Temple Auction

Close-Up of Shirley Temple Original Costumes

Close-Up of Shirley Temple Original Costumes

The auction continues! Prices are generally high, especially for dolls and toys which have a photo of Shirley with the doll or toy, one of a kind Shirley Temple dolls in costumes made by the studio for Shirley, and of course the original costumes worn in Shirley’s movies. That said, there are still some items  going at or below estimate.

My only concern is how long this auction is going to take. We are at lot 110, and that has taken nearly 4 hours.  So if my math is correct and the pace doesn’t pick up, we’ll be done here in no less than 16 hours…so 5am? In any case, lot 86, a Shirley Temple doll in her Scottie Dog costume from Our Little Girl, with a vintage photo of Shirley with the doll, sold for $16,000 against a $1,000 estimate. I wonder if that is a record price for a Shirley Temple doll? If anyone knows definitively, please let me know.

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